It is with a heavy  heart that we are cancelling our race this year.  Next year we will be back!



Our race will be on the third saturday in August!



August 16, 2014




It is with a heavy heart that I am having to cancel our race this year.  Over the last 6 months (the months that I usally spend planning) we have been taking care of Tim's mom.  We have been in and out of hospitals, nursing homes, 24/7 care at home, and finally hospice.  It has been a journey that I would not have traded for the world.  Taking care of family, and in this case a parent, in their end of life journey is something that although a challenge is one of life's greatest gifts. Jo Tabisz went home to the Lord last week.
It is one of those times where you have to say "all I can do is all I can do."  Everytime I wanted to work on the race something was coming up with her care.  It was coming down to the wire 2 weeks ago and I had a team of people rallying to put the race on and things got worse for her and we had to make some very tough decisons.  She was weak and frail and fighting an uphill battle against Mysthenia Gravis (muscle disease) and she lost the battle.  Time to pull the race off slipped away.
Thanks to all of you that were willing through all of this to help and try to make this year happen.  Unfortunately - or fortunately God takes you on his path and not ours!
Please know that next year we will be back on track and offer another great event that will be bigger and better!
Thanks again,
Mary Lou Tabisz
Race Director
Running On Mars 5K


The Running on Mars 5K

is always on the

3rd Saturday in August.

Our next race is:

 August 16, 2014